A “Begin-With-The-Purpose-In-Mind” Approach

Whether working with Business Owners, Pre-Retirees or Retirees, We take a “begin-with-the-purpose-in-mind” approach.Think of it like this, an engineer can't start designing a building without knowing what the end result of the project is supposed to look like; a surgeon can't go into surgery without knowing what the outcome of the surgery is supposed to be. This same concept also applies to the financial aspect of personal and business insurance. For example, if you asked a typical Pre-Retiree on the street why they are saving money long term many of them would say “for retirement”. However, if you then said “that's great, can you tell me how retirement income streams work?” hardly anyone would have a good answer. The issue here is that this is the real reason they are saving the money, and how retirement income streams work economically defines how to allocate savings efficiently in pre-retirement. As part of our "Wealth Building Cornerstones" philosophy we provide Pre-Retirees the opportunity to understand how retirement income streams work as the basis for efficient allocation of savings in pre-retirement. A “begin-with-the-purpose-in-mind” approach is imperative here and many people haven't had the opportunity to look at it from this perspective.