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A “Begin-With-The-Purpose-In-Mind” Approach
Whether working with Business Owners, Pre-Retirees or Retirees, We take a “begin-with-the-purpose-in-mind” approach.Think of it like this, an engineer can't start designing a building without knowing what the end result of the project is supposed to look like; a surgeon can't go into surgery without knowing what the outcome of the surgery is supposed to be. This same concept also applies to the aspects of personal and business insurance.  A “begin-with-the-purpose-in-mind” approach is our philosophy and many people haven't had the opportunity to look at it from this perspective.
You're invited to join us for a free Medicare refresher seminar!
There's still time to enroll in a 2023 Medicare Advantage plan! We'll talk about the different parts of Medicare and the types of Medicare Advantage plans available to residents of Steele County. Life changes. Plans can change. Our local experts will help ensure your 2023 Medicare Advantage plan is the best fit for your medical and financial needs. It's not too late to join the right plan.
February 14th or 23rd @ 9:30am
Location: Cabela's Owatonna, MN
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