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First and foremost, we want to help you make more informed decisions, so you can more fully understand the options that we offer you. We want YOU to be in control of your money. In addition to our private and confidential Goal Setting sessions, we’ll provide you multiple opportunities to read reports and guides and watch videos on subjects you want to become familiar with to help facilitate your journey. All of our resources are available to you at no cost, regardless of whether you ultimately work with us or not.

  • Hypothetical case study videos on our website
  • Free reports outlining strategies that may work for your situation
  • A wealth of video resources
  • Unlimited feedback on your insights and questions as you watch and read
  • A collaboration to establish reasonable goals unique to you
  • A thorough analysis of your financial situation

The result? We will help you identify stumbling blocks in your retirement preparation today and potential income gaps tomorrow. Our goal is to leverage all sources to help you maximize your social security benefits to potentially get more from all your retirement income sources.


This can take place wherever it is convenient for you—in your home or office, in our office, or at some other location. Or, we can even do it by phone or web conference if you prefer. We can accommodate whatever works best for you.

During our discussion, we get into the details of your retirement dreams and help you determine the answer to these very important questions:

  • What do you need your money to do for you?

This is where we spend as much time as we need to understand your situation, address your concerns, answer your questions and potentially uncover factors you have not considered that could impact the long-term success of your retirement finances.

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